After successfully completing a MA in Sociology and a MA in philosophy at the ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles), I obtained an advanced master's degree in 'Quantitative analysis in social sciences' at the KuBrussel (Katholiek Universiteit Brussel). Then, I worked for 4 years as a statistician and a database manager at the French-speaking community of Belgium. One of my main tasks was the assessment of educational outcomes.
From 2012 to 2016, I made a thesis entitled "Little Matthew has also chosen the wrong school: secondary analyses of compositional effect in a segregated educational system" at the Group for research on Ethnic Relation, Migration and Equality (GERME). During 1 year, I worked on the same ERC project, entitled "Equal Opportunities in educational systems with high levels of social and ethnic segregation" (ERC Grant Agreement 28360).
Currently, I work as a Data Analyse and provider of statistical indicators at the Wallonie-Brussels Federation. My main fields of interest are educational assessment, school segregation and quantitative analysis.

Data Analyst (Wallonia-Brussels Federation)
Administration générale de l'Enseignement
Direction général du Pilotage du Système éducatif
Service de l'analyse et de la prospective
Direction d'exploitation des données
Avenue du port, 16
B-1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
+32 2 690 82 35

Scientific collaborator of the Group for research on Ethnic Relation, Migration and Equality (GERME)

Fields of interest

  • Educational assessment
  • School segregation
  • Survey methodology
  • Quantitative research in social sciences
  • Mutilevel modeling